Chic Shortcuts: From Barbells to Brunch

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In an effort to get back to a gym routine, I have been trying to take at least one yoga class a week (on top of my normal gym visits). In a great vinyasa class that I took with a friend this week, the instructor said some very fitting affirmations. He reminded us that the class was about finding movement that felt authentic for our bodies, and to always look ahead because that is where our futures are. During a particularly hard pose, he said "now grab control, because you already have it". I love that reminder - sometimes it feels like things are just happening around us, but we have agency, the gift of free will and ability to make a difference.

As much as I love getting in these extra workouts, it means spending more time in workout gear. While I love a bright sneaker and graphic leggings, they aren't exactly my every day style. Sometimes I want to meet up with friends after the gym but feel way too dressed down for our brunch reservations. Luckily, athleisure (which is wearing athletic wear in other social settings) is everywhere right now - from Cynthia Rowley to Free People, designers are making it a lot easier to go from run to reservations without feeling under dressed. And we can't forget what Beyonce has done for the trend with her release of Ivy Park - come to think of it, I have seen Ivy Park in pretty much every setting but the gym. So none of us have to miss that workout before our weekend starts, I put together a few tips for pulling together the perfect after workout look - I mean we are running off those calories to make room for mimosas right?

What you have: ankle length leggings & crop top
What you need: jean jacket, novelty brooches

Throwing these brooches on the pocket of your jean jacket gives it an instant upgrade. Your workout look is already adorable, just throw the jacket on to make it more restaurant appropriate. I have way too much hair to add a baseball cap to this look, but you could definitely top it off if your tresses allow.

What you have: patterned capri leggings & short sleeve top
What you need: bun clip, lace up gladiator sandals & stacking ring set

You already started a boho theme with your printed leggings and beach tones - why not bring it all the way around by adding great lace up gladiators that can wrap all the way up to where your leggings end? Throw your hair in a bun and add the clip for an extra push - plus a few gold stacked rings and no one will even guess you spent the last hour sweating and sighing in the gym.

What you have: shorts & graphic tank
What you need: plaid button down, cat-eye sunglasses & matte red lipstick

This is for my bikram girls - I know the pain of trying to dress for 90 mins of ultimate heat and not looking like a drowned rat afterwards. Once you cool down a bit, tie the button down around your waist, unbuttoned with the sides coming around your thighs. Secure your hair in a messy top knot, put on the shades and swipe on the perfect matte red lip. And have that extra croissant, after that workout you really deserve it.

"We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it" Proverbs 16:9 MSG

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