Natural Hair in the (almost!) Fall Air: New Routine for the New Weather

2:53 PM

I know I am jumping the gun by a little over a week, but it feels like fall outside. Yesterday I rocked a denim jacket and black booties (which is basically my fall wardrobe) and felt so excited about the crisp air days ahead. Summer was great, but me - and my hair, wardrobe and lip color - are more than ready for the humidity to chill for a few months and let us live. With a change in the air, I can already feel my hair acting a bit different than it has over the last summer months. Every season is a good marker to think about your hair care routine and see what your hair may be missing as the air changes. Below are some of the changes I have made to get ready for a new season:

Creams instead of Oils 
I have been pouring on the olive oil all summer to battle humidity, but as things cool down I start to use butters and creams instead. My favorite is to mix shea butter with a few drops of coconut oil and use to seal my hair after spraying it with water every night.

Growth Serum Upgrade
Because my scalp is sweating less, I use more growth serums on my scalp overnight. I don't expect to see waist length strands over night but all-natural serums with jamaican black castor oil, ylang ylang oil and vitamin E does great things for scalp and root health once the air gets a bit drier.

Ends Trimmed
I will admit that I'm not the best at getting my ends trimmed consistently, but at the start of each season I make sure to do a light dusting of my ends while I am twisting my hair for the night. Last night I trimmed the very ends of each section before putting on my cream/oil mixture and flat twisting.

Less Up-dos 
Humidity forced me to rock the puff and goddess twists pretty often, which put some strain on my edges. Once the weather cools down I try to let my hair be free as much as possible to give my front and sides a break from the pulling.

"It is not what you and I do...It is what God is doing, and He is creating something totally new, a free life!" Galatians 6:15

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